Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to what are frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered on our website, please do ask us directly, we are very responsive.

Q1: What is the condo's calendar availability, how can I check if my dates are available?
Use our booking form to enter your arrival date and then your departure date. You will see in the popup calendar if the dates you desire are available or not.

Q2: What are the rates, how much will it cost us to stay?
Rates in Maui vary by season based on demand, with May and September being the cheapest, and December to March being the most expensive. We offer discounts for weekly and for monthly stays, and we also raise our rates for certain periods where specific events take place that increase overall demand. So because of those factors our nightly rates vary a lot. For accurate pricing, enter your desired dates in the booking form and you'll get an instant USD quote on screen that has no hidden extras.

Q3: What is the cancellation policy?
We will refund 100% if cancelled within 24 hours of making the reservation. After that the cancelation policy varies by season and other factors, please refer to the rental agreement which you can review online before making your first payment.

Q4: How is the final quote calculated for the dates I selected?
The final quote is a simple formula of three components: base rate + Hawaiian GET and TAT taxes + the fixed-per-stay cleaning fee. The fixed cleaning fee is also why it isn't really cost effective to stay for a small number of nights in a vacation rental condo.

Q5: Before I book, I have a question, how do I contact you?
Use our booking form to fill in your details, and then instead of the "Book now" button select the "Ask question" button.

Q6: How can I book?
Use our booking form to enter your dates and other details and choose the "Book now" button to review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, then choose your payment method (in US dollars currency), and complete the process online. To confirm the booking you must pay a reservation deposit, with the remaining payment due prior to arrival. There is also a refundable security/damage deposit. You'll receive a confirmation email when you are done.

Q7: I only rent condos that are legally permitted, what is your Hawaiian GET and TAT Tax ID?
GE-183-391-6416-01 and TA-183-391-6416-01.

Q8: Are there extra fees, e.g. for internet/WiFi, parking, laundry, resort fees, paying by CC, etc?
No, there are no credit card fees or additional fees for anything. Fast Wi-Fi is included, as is the assigned parking spot. You will find a washer/dryer in the condo and you'll also find a key in the condo for accessing the secured tennis court and swimming pools, and you are not required to pay a separate resort fee. The price is the same regardless of whether there is 1 person staying in the condo, or if it is our maximum of 2 people.

Q9: Does the kitchen/condo include item XYZ?
The answer is almost certainly "yes". Our kitchen not only looks great (see photos), it is also fully equipped. For the kitchen, but also the entire condo, you can go through our inventory list. If you have some specific item in mind, please ask us before you go. If you found the one item we don't have, we may be willing to purchase it starting with your stay!

Q10: Is the bed comfortable?
Yes, and see it in our photos. We love our King size bed in Maui more than the one we have in Seattle :-)

Q11: Is Kihei a good area to stay on Maui? How far is it from the airport? Why did you decide to buy a condo there?
Kihei is our favorite part of Maui, which is why we bought our second home there, and being directly opposite one of the best beaches helps. You can  see two maps of the area on our Location page, where you can also read our take on the area (tip: expand the details under the Directions section). You can also read a bit about how we chose this condo in the About Us page.

Q12: Is there a floor-plan so I can get a better sense of the layout of the condo?
Yes, please find the floor plan with our many other photos. You can also scroll down on our homepage for a video walk-through.

Q13: We have never booked a vacation rental condo by owner, so we are nervous about booking with you - can we trust you?
It is not an unreasonable feeling for first timers, and indeed we feel like that whenever we book vacation rental condos at other destinations. "Yes" you can trust us, we are real people who are who we say we are. Read the page about us. You can find me on LinkedIn. You can find me on Facebook. If you are nervous about booking directly from an owner's website, see links at the very bottom of this page, which point to our condo on larger corporate websites. You'll be paying more to book the same condo on those websites, but it is your choice. You can also use the phone number listed on this website to call me right now and talk to me.

Q14: Will you share my data or information with anyone?
No, we will never share your data or information with anyone else, as per our Privacy Policy.

Q15: Any other input as we make our decision?
When we stay at vacation rentals, we always want to hear from past guests, so we recommend you read our guest reviews.

Do you still have a question that is not answered here? Let us know and we'll not only answer it, but we'll also consider adding it here for future guests. If we don't have availability and you are looking for another condo, here is a quick Checklist Before Booking A Vacation Rental Condo In Maui.