Must Definitely Do on Maui

Maui has so much to offer and it appeals to such a diverse crowd that it would be almost silly to try and recommend anything as a "must do" activity. And yet, that is exactly what we attempt to do here - if you only do a handful of things on the island, these should top your list!

  1. Road To Hana. The winding road to Hana is not for the timid driver, or for those who get car sick. For those who brave it, the lush greenery, waterfalls, hikes, unique beaches, and other wonders await! To read our favorite spots on this road trip, see our page dedicated to the Road To Hana.

  2. Haleakala National Park sunrise. Yes you have to wake up and leave your condo early, like 2-3am early! And you'll have to dress warm, like bring-your-ski-clothes kind of warm! But this is probably the best sunrise you'll see in your life. Drive all the way to the top of the summit at 10,023 feet (reservations required as of 2017). If you stop at the visitor center at 9,740 feet it is more crowded - still definitely worth it, but if you can grab one of the few spots at the summit why not do it. Plan to arrive while it is still dark, and as a very worthwhile bonus you'll get to see the stars in the sky brighter and more numerous than ever. Some people like equally the sunset up there, but we prefer the sunrise. Also the bike ride down the mountain (starting outside the park) is fun, but we would schedule that on a separate day at some more normal hour like 9ish... take your sunrise day to enjoy the summit and walk around, instead of rushing immediately after it to do biking while all the cars are also driving down the mountain.

  3. Day trip to Lahaina. While you probably wouldn't want to stay in Lahaina (the beaches there are not the best, it is more expensive, and parking/driving is a nightmare), you should definitely plan a day trip to walk in this historical town. Start at the intersection of Front Street with Baker Street (or with Papalaua Street), and walk south-east down Front Street taking in all the activity at the many shops. Rest at the park with probably the largest Banyan Tree you've ever seen, before going into the Lahaina Heritage Museum (and perhaps the Baldwin Home Museum). Check out the harbor, and then head back to a restaurant or a show to top off the day.

  4. Whale Tour. Whales on Maui are seasonal, and you can see them as early as mid-December and as late as end of April. During whale season you should be able to see them from various beaches and, if you are lucky, from your lanai. But the best way to see them is up-close by taking a whale tour from Kihei boat ramp, or from Ma'alaea harbor. There are many boat operators, e.g. Pacific Whale Foundation.

  5. Molokini. If you are not into SCUBA diving or snorkeling, then Maui is the best place for you to start getting into that! Molokini island is one of the best places to take a boat trip and enjoy the underwater world. We have a dedicated page on SCUBA diving. For snorkeling, there are many operators (e.g. Blue Water Rafting) that take you to Molokini from Kihei boat ramp, which is only 2 minutes by car from our condo! Another snorkeling boat option is the Kai Kanani, which leaves from Maluaka Beach.

  6. Beaches. More than likely the main reason you came to Maui in the first place was the plethora of beautiful beaches. To view our favorite list, see our dedicated page for Maui Beaches.

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