Water Activities On Maui

A key reason many visit sunny Maui is for its beautiful beaches and the water activities it has to offer.

  1. Whale watching. Only possible from late December to early April, with most activity in February. Those are also the most expensive months to travel to Maui (from an accommodation, airfare, and car rental perspective). When the whales are active, you can often spot them from the beach, but if you are there in that period it's worth getting out on the ocean to see them up close. Whale watching is on our Must Do list. Some guests have had luck seeing them from our lanai, using the binoculars in the condo; we also spot them from the Lookout Point past Maalaea on the way to Lahaina.

  2. Dolphin watching. If it isn't whale season, all the specialist whale tour operators switch to dolphin watching... not a bad consolation prize. Typically they'll take you to Lanai'i where a large pod hangs out.

  3. SCUBA diving. This is our top favorite activity, so we have a whole page on it, check out: SCUBA diving in Maui.

  4. Snorkeling. You can do this from any beach really, just go to the rocky sides of the beach and swim out to the ends - see beaches for more info. Of course, you should not miss a chance to go to Molokini - see our Must Do list.

  5. Spearfishing. Assuming you are an expert snorkeler, and you are also attracted by the idea of killing an invasive fish species, this may be an activity for you to try. Even if you are an expert spearo back home, you'll still want to pay and go out with the local company to learn the local rules. Try South Maui Spearfishing. 

  6. Fishing. Other than spearfishing, there are other types of fishing to try. However, we have not tried them yet, so the only advice we can offer is to search for "fishing maui".

  7. Boogie boarding. Any beach with a little surf will do for boogie boarding, but for safety watch a few others do it before jumping in to unknown waters - see beaches for more info.

  8. Surfing. Many places to take lessons, one option is Maui Wave Riders. We have a surfing book in the condo if you are a newbie and want to read about it before you try it. See beaches.

  9. Stand-Up Paddling (SUP). If you've done this back home on a lake, be prepared for a very different experience due to the waves. Best to go early morning when it is calmer. We have a SUP book in the condo if you are a newbie and want to read about it before you try it. Schools that offer surfing lessons usually offer SUP rentals/lessons too.

  10. Kiteboarding and Windsurfing. If you are looking for instruction (one option is Actions Sports) they'll probably take you to North Maui (Kanaha Beach area by the airport, or you can try Ho'okipa if you are a professional). In Kihei, Keawakapu (see beaches) can be a good place to practice Kite-surfing.

  11. Kayaking. Many outfits will rent them to you, or take you out, we've used South Pacific Kayaks before. Also see beaches.

  12. Outrigger Canoeing. You can pay a few operators to experience this Polynesian way of moving on the ocean, we loved Hawaiian Paddle Sports.

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