Grocery Shopping On Maui

Part of the fun of a vacation rental condo is that you can have that homely feeling, while being in paradise away from home. That does include shopping items for "your" kitchen and bathroom. You will find everything on Maui more expensive (prepare for the shock when you see the price of milk!). However you are still saving $$ compared to eating out all the time if you were staying at a hotel, so don't feel too bad about the prices. Here are some grocery stores to choose from.

  1. Costco (Kahului). If you are not a member, it is worth becoming a member before you arrive on island just to be able to use them. By far the cheapest gas on island (we fill up there before returning to the rental agency), and also the place you'll want to use to stock your kitchen and bathroom. We recommend checking into the unit to see what is there, then making the list, then going to Costco.

  2. Walmart (Kahului). If toiletries at Costco are only sold at too large a quantity to be used on your vacation, then there is a Walmart in Kahului too.

  3. Safeway (Kihei). If we forget or run out of something and don't want to drive to Kahului, this is a good alternative.

  4. Foodland. (Kihei). An even closer to our condo alternative to the big stores, and local if you want to contribute to the local economy.

  5. Times Supermarket (Kihei) An alternative to Foodland, if we don't find something there or need a change.

  6. Whalers General Store (Kihei). The closest (walking distance) to our condo, but more expensive, so only use if you are in a rush to replenish single items.

  7. Whole Foods Market (Kahului). If you shop at Whole Foods back home, we wanted you to know that you can find their expensive organic products in Maui too :-). If you want that kind of quality and pricing closer to our Kihei Akahi D-211 condo, try Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods in Kamaole Beach Center.

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