Requests, Wishlist

Will remove items as they get addressed, please let me know

  1. Option (e.g. easy html/css/script to add) so that on any page a carousel of images can be added. For example, I would use that on the Inventory page, and on the guidebook pages.
  2. Slug as separate field for all pages, including built-in pages... I could use this to make the new /location2 page be "/location"
  3. On Overview amenities page where it says "1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom", it would be great to be able to surface all the rooms, e.g. "1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Dining Area".
  4. Window Title as separate field, not a shared field with H1. For example, Overview page H1 should be "Kihei Akahi D-211", but the window title should be "Overview - Kihei Akahi D-211" not "Kihei Akahi D-211 - Kihei Akahi D-211". Another example is that "FAQ" should be the window title of the page with H1 "Frequently Asked Questions". Another is that Guidebook pages wouldn't have ' - Kihei Akahi D-211' in their title. Yet another example is that the "10 things to check before..." page would have a title of "Checklist before..."
  5. Ability to customize Missing Page content. I would only list the pages that appear at the top nav, not the subpages of the Maui Guide
  6. Map / Location page: ability to specify the zoom level and center of the map. This isn't as good as the previous request on changing slugs cause then I can get the map to also show the Place details