Requests, Wishlist

Will remove items as they get addressed, please let me know

  1. Option (e.g. easy html/css/script to add) so that on any page a carousel of images can be added. For example, I would use that on the Inventory page, and on the guidebook pages.
  2. On Overview amenities page where it says "1 Bedroom", it would be great to be able to surface all the rooms, e.g. "1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, 1 Kitchen, 1 Living room, Dining Area".
  3. Window Title as separate field, not a shared field with H1. For example, Overview page H1 should be "Kihei Akahi D-211", but the window title should be "Overview - Kihei Akahi D-211" not "Kihei Akahi D-211 - Kihei Akahi D-211". Another example is that "FAQ" should be the window title of the page with H1 "Frequently Asked Questions". Another is that Guidebook pages wouldn't have ' - Kihei Akahi D-211' in their title. Yet another example is that the "10 things to check before..." page would have a title of "Checklist before..."
  4. Ability to customize Missing Page content
  5. Slug as separate field for all pages, including built-in pages... I could use this to make the new /location2 page be "/location"
  6. Map / Location page: ability to specify the zoom level and center of the map. This isn't as good as the previous request on changing slugs cause then I can get the map to also show the Place details
  7. Integrate with VacationSoup. They only allow WordPress-based sites now, they should be able to also allow OwnerRez websites too via some widget or whatever. I guess that would also mean you'd need to offer the ability for a blog of some kind on your websites, which would be awesome.